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STOIS Subscriptions provide an online Transparency console that provides in depth, real-time Transparency information.

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Status & Outcomes Visual Analytic solutions focus Our Technologies on specific state programs, projects and issues.

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  • Transparency.... not just a word. Publishing lists of numbers is not Transparency. In order to achieve Transparency, you must tell the financial truth in a way that people can understand. Our technologies make it easy to deliver on the promise of Transparency.

    We are the Foundation of Transparency

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  • The Benchmark

    "I wholeheartedly support your efforts. I find your approach to government Transparency unique and certainly unprecedented, and one that must be undertaken in order to promote continuity between states... I can foresee a time when your model is the standard upon which all state Transparency efforts are measured.

    -- Dr. Arthur Laffer, PhD.

  • Accountability...

    ...requires real transparency, but it requires more than that. Accountability is not possible without connecting people with their actions. Without this critical association, there is no way to know who is responsible for what, and who to hold accountable for anything.

    We are the Cornerstone of accountability

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  • Performance...

    ...cannot be measured without performance measurement tools. This may sound obvious, but until now, real-time program monitoring tools that allow you to make informed decisions didn't exist in government. Here's the reason... In government, the data is almost always out of the reach of government IT...

    We Monitor Status & Measure Outcomes - in real Time!

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  • Outcomes... the true measure of government. Performance based government isn't just an idea, Inefficient government squander's our resources and diminishes our potential. It is impossible to achieve positive outcomes, the tools to make informed decisions.

    Our Technologies Generate positive outcomes for you!

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  • Our Technologies performance based government. They gather and present information that is otherwise impossible to obtain and impossible to understand. We turn mountains of useless information into actionable intelligence presented in stunning graphical detail, making complex issues easy to understand.

    We Make Performance Based government Possible.

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The Transparency Authority
We make true Transparency possible

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The ASTR™ National Transparency Report

TransparaGov's Annual STOIS Report

Introducing the Annual State Transpaency Report (ASTR™). All year long, our team of Transparency analysts gather, analyze and compile financial, operational and behind the scenes Transparency information from every state in our nation. This detailed information is gathered through FOIA requests, database downloads, direct interviews, and other investigative methods. We compile this information in our TIDE™ Data Warehouse, and then score and rank every state on over 230 discrete Transparency elements or activities. Later this year, we'll release the first of our annual comprehensive STOIS Transparency Report in Apple iBooks, PDF and ePub formats.

The ASTR™ Transparency report is the most comprehensive national study on state Transparency. It includes detailed information on each state's efforts, and how states compare to each other.    Learn More

About Our Company

TransparaGov is a technology and services company that focuses on (1) informing the public regarding government Transparency and performance, (2) assisting state, county, and city governments with Transparency reporting, program and project management, monitoring, and outcomes measurement, and (3) creating custom tailored software-centric solutions that make it easy for state and local governments to add accountability and compliance management, performance monitoring, fraud and abuse controls, and  transparency-focused reporting capabilities to the public projects and programs they over see.

We are the authority on government Transparency. Throughout the year we score, rate and rank every state on over 230 specific Transparency elements and activities applying a sophisticated proprietary scoring system to each element for each state. We publish the unvarnished results through a unique array of online information products

Our Products & Services

TransparaGov Visual Budget Solutions
Visual Budget Solutions

The ultimate live financial tool for you and your staff. Learn More

TransparaGov Custom Visual Analytic Solutions
Status & Outcomes

Hand designed solutions that measure status & outcomes. Learn More

TransparaGov Transparency services for government
Transparency Services

Transparency site design, implementation & managment services. Learn More

STOIS Transparency Information Services
Information Products

Coming Soon, Our entire Transparency research library online! learn more

STOIS - Because you have a right to know!

The TransparaGov STOIS Explorer

Before government spends a penny, it must first take it from someone who earned it. You have a right to know how that money is spent. STOIS™ makes it easy to know exactly where money was spent, and who spent it. Our information products provide you with online access to an incredible array of tools that keep you informed    Learn More

Step Into Performance Based Government

The TransparaGov STOIS Manager

TransparaGov created the term Performance Based Government to describe what we do. We create custom tailored software-centric solutions that make it easy for state and local governments to add accountability and compliance management, performance monitoring, and transparency-focused reporting.    Learn More

Our Visual Budget Explorer is lightyears beyond "Open Checkbook"

The TansparaGov Visual Budget Explorer

We've all seen the open checkbook efforts that most states have enacted. While these efforts are a good start in spirit, in practice these open checkbook websites are basically useless.

Posting endless lists of incomprehensible numbers does nothing for anyone. For example, on one state's open checkbook website in response to a simple query for expenses for all agencies, the site produces 380,000 pages of nonsensical detail, with each transaction missing one of the most critical elements that any financial report can have... the date.

Without context, no one can understand why money was spent, and what was received in return. The amount spent is only Half of the equation. Without information on who spent the money, why it was spent, and what value was received, transaction records on their own are of very limited value.    Learn More

Custom SO-VA Solutions... A life-signs monitor for government projects and programs

TransparaGov SOVA Solutions

Our team of former governors, legislators, administrators, political leaders, and product developers from the top software companies in the world such as Microsoft, Apple and Adobe, work together with our business workflow experts, graphic designers and visualization specialists to craft custom built solutions to your specific needs. We call these applications SO-VA Solutions. (Status & Outcomes - Visual Analytic Solutions).

Every SO-VA solution [pronounced 'Soh-vah'] is custom designed for it's specific target project, program, or issue. It quickly becomes the center of the reporting universe.

SO-VA Solutions are delivered as a collection of custom designed program or project specific visual displays that can be viewed using any web browser. These displays contain realistic and powerful data visualizations such as charts, graphs, gauges, meters, scorecards, lists, grids and maps that display summary and detail-level information a visually impactful and understandable way

TransparaGov SO-VA Solutions provide analytical intelligence in the form of easy to understand, stunningly beautiful visual displays that make sense of oceans of data. These displays deliver the results of analysis in an understandable format where and when it's needed..    Learn More

Transparency site design and implementation services

Government Transparency Site Design Services

While Transparency websites have a lot in common with conventional website designs, they present A very unique set of issues and requirements that can only be properly addressed by a unique combination of experts.

A Transparency website is more of an online application that it is a conventional site. It connects to live data sources, and presents information (or should) in a graphically rich and easy to understand way. Its purpose is to clearly communicate information about government activities to a target audience that is so broadly defined, and has such a wide range of aptitude, that conventional web development tactics and strategies can fall well short of the mark.

People from all walks of life, with all levels of aptitude will visit the site, and as a consequence, the way that you present data must be easy to understand, while not so overly simplified that it looses it's value. We are uniquely qualified.    Learn More

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Did you know?

  • We can gather data from just about anywhere. From databases, instruments, websites and legacy systems.  Anywhere.

  • A SO-VA solution is a visual tool that displays a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) for a specific program or project?